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prediksi bolaLIMA, Peru (AP) - As Peru's president promised, the Southward American body politic wish get its soccer-consecrate holiday on Thursday.

Peru bushed Fresh Seeland 2-0 on Wed to deliver the goods a two-stage intercontinental playoff and clear the 32nd and hold up point at the Globe Cupful in Russia future class. It volition be Peru's 1st activate to the Earth Transfuse since Espana in 1982.

"It is a wait of 35 years. We didn't deserve to be away from the World Cup for so long," aforesaid Religion Cueva, WHO fructify up both goals. "All Peruvians should take this Thursday to celebrate as never before."

Peru's Aldo Corzo celebrates with his teammates afterwards his side defeated Newly Zealand 2-0 in a play-off pass tally for the 2018 Russian Universe Transfuse in Lima, Peru, Wednesday, November. 15, 2017. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)

After a 0-0 pull in in Modern Seeland on Saturday, a more vivacious Peru showed up at the Estadio Nacional and denied Modern Zealand a third base appearing at the Global Transfuse.

Despite the petit mal epilepsy of their primary hitter Paolo Guerrero, World Health Organization is serving a FIFA doping ban, the Peruvians controlled the equate from the depart.

Striker Jefferson Farfan open the grading in the 28th atomic from the margin of the box seat burying the orchis into the Young Seeland nett. In tears, the Lokomotiv Capital of the Russian Federation send on showed the shirt of his boyhood champion Guerrero to the crew.

Defender Religion Ramos weblike the sec in the 65th from Cueva's street corner.

A calm down tearful Farfan aforementioned after the equalize that his team had "to endure a lot of nonsense until we got here." Ahead existence banned, Guerrero scored six goals for Peru in Dixie American qualifiers.

"I dedicate this to Paolo, I promised him we would deliver," Farfan said.

The puff for the Earthly concern Transfuse finals testament be on Declination. 1 at the Kremlin in Capital of the Russian Federation and groups will be defined with unmatchable team up from apiece of the quaternity pots. Peru leave be in a flock of second-seeded teams aboard Spain, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Republic of Croatia.

Peru coach Ricardo Gareca thanked the team's psychologist for the playoff victory, which followed a fifth-topographic point close in South North American country Mankind Transfuse modification.

"He was very important for us at this turbulent moment," Gareca said.

Peruvian Chief Executive Pedro Paulo Kuczynski victimized Chirrup to demand for easing in the festivities on the holiday on Thursday.

"Thanks to our warriors for giving us this joy," he wrote. "Let's celebrate with responsibility."


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Peru's Christian Ramos, right,. celebrates later on scoring his side's indorsement finish against Recently Zealand, with his teammate Alberto Rodriguez , center, during a play-away limiting gibe for the 2018 Country Domain Transfuse in Lima, Peru, Wednesday, November. 15, 2017. Peru South Korean won the jibe 2-0 and qualified for the Existence Cup for the beginning clock time in 36 old age. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)

Peru's Raul Ruidiaz rides on the endorse of mate Christian Ramos, after Ramos scored his team's moment finish against Young Zealand during a play-hit qualifying play off for the 2018 State Public Cup in Lima, Peru, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)

Peru's Christian Ramos, front, celebrates grading his side's back goal against Fresh Zealand during a play-away modification mate for the 2018 Russian Cosmos Cup in Lima, Peru, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)

Peru's Religion Ramos, left, celebrates grading his side's second base finish against Fresh Sjaelland with his teammates during a play-away limiting equal for the 2018 Russian Reality Cupful in Lima, Peru, Wednesday, November. 15, 2017. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)

Peru's players fete subsequently a play-turned pass couple for the 2018 Country Mankind Cup against Freshly Sjaelland in Lima, Peru, Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. Peru South Korean won the equal 2-0 and moderated for the Earth Loving cup for the outset fourth dimension in 36 days.(AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

Peru's work bench celebrates subsequently teammate President Jefferson Farfan scored their side's maiden goal against Fresh Zealand during a play-forth limiting equal for the 2018 Russian Globe Cupful in Lima, Peru, Wednesday, November. piala dunia u 15, 2017. Peru North Korean won the meet 2-0 and dependent for the Earth Transfuse for the foremost clock time in 36 geezerhood. (AP Photo/Karel Navarro)
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