Government and Public Sector Gnps


Directorate Government and Public Sector (GnPS) is a directorate that serves a market segment of Government & Public Sector Institutions and Government Business Entity – State Owned Companies (BUMN) both in terms of product needed or integrated solution for information technology and communication.


This directorate has been established since 2007 and has significantly helped government institutions to implement IT-ICT (Information Technology – Information & Communication Technology) to increase Tax & Non-Tax Income, improve the service quality for society - public. Make them efficient in working process and result effectiveness as well as increase Good Corporate Governance and Transparancy. Likewise increase their productivity.


GnPS priority is to provide integrated solution that are fully built & developed by Indonesian Human Resources so that the information and communication technology used by government and BUMN can be assured of security, flexibility, confidentiality and time to market and its support and to reduce the dependancy of foreign products and services.


GnPS organization consist of 4 Sales Division: GnPS-A, GnPS-B, GnPS-C, and GnPS Support Division SIAP (Solution, Integration, Application and Project Management Office).

    GnPS SIAP Division was born as a part of the GnPS directorate transformation from hardware or product seller into a solution provider. Therefore, GnPS SIAP has a key role in preparing solution and product offered in GnPS market segmentation (pre-sales aspect), and in other hands in charge of ensuring the entire project can be accomplished in a timely manner, have a certain quality and maintained its support service (after sales aspect).

Pola Kerja

Pola kerja GnPS adalah 3 AS yang meliputi: kerja kerAS, kerja ikhlAS, dan kerja cerdAS dengan selalu menggunakan ‘radar’ Cermat, Waspada, dan Peka (CWP) yang mewarnai setiap kegiatan direktorat GnPS agar selalu dapat memberikan yang terbaik bagi negeri Indonesia.