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Berca System Integration is a Strategic Business Unit in BHp that provides hardware, solutions and services in IT (Information Technology). The products are, among others, System Integration Services, Hardware/Software Provider and Solution Services, Industry Solution Services, System Re-Architect / System Consolidation Solution, Outsourcing, Maintenance, System Support, Security Services, Network Design & Implementation Services, Relocation Services & DRC (Disaster Recovery Centre) Services

Berca System Integration is committed to deliver world-class solutions based on best practices to provide proven implementation and reference sites.


Scope of Business

In this division, we offer you the services in:
  • CME (Communication Media and Entertainment)Open or Close

    CME focus on Communication, Media and Entertainment companies such as Network Service Provider or Telco Industry, ISP, Tower Provider, Media, Broadcasting, E-Commerce.

    We provide end to end solution for:

    1. IT Infrastructure Solution (Computing Solution, Data Management Solution, Application Solution, Manage service).

    2. Network Infrastructure Solution such as Routing Switching, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Unified Communication, Voice over IP (Vo-IP), Wireless Data-com, Network Security (Firewall, IPS/IDS, Proxy, NAC)

    3. Data Center Solution such as Raise Floor, Precision Air Conditioner, Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Cabling Infrastructure , Datacenter Security (Building Automation System, Fire Alarm, CCTV, Access door)

    SI Communication Media and Entertainment division is committed to always update and adapt to recent technology/trends in telecommunication and collaborate with best in class vendors with wide experience in enabling customers to benefit from our knowledge, experience and full support.

  • Financial Services Industry (FSI)Open or Close

    Financial Services Industry (FSI) division focuses on financial/banking solutions, such as :

    • Business Intelligence on Banking Industry

    • AML (Anti Money Laundering)

    • Risk Management

    • e-Knowledge Management

    • Security System

  • Network Integration (NI)Open or Close

    Berca Network Integration is a strategic business unit in BHp with a breadth of knowledge and expertise in network and security, communications and collaboration, data center and electronic. From wired and wireless, local and wide area network, audio and video, and many more, we are ready to understand your requirements and provide best of breed solution in each area.

    Berca Network Integration partners with Cisco, HP, Ruckus, Riverbed, APC, Emerson, Huawei and has specialized solutions for enterprise and medium sized companies, helping customers benefit from cutting-edge technologies in a cost-effective way.

    Significant trends are changing the way companies interact with their employees, partners, and customers. These include the Internet of Things, data center virtualization, cloud computing and mobility – all of which bring greater complexity in traffic patterns, more security threats, and different user requirements. Network as the platform for all your business functions and communications, should provide a powerful point of differentiation through availability, flexibility, scalability, performance, and security. For many Organizations, reviewing current network infrastructure is one of the key success factors.

    Unified Communications & Collaboration
    As more people work flexibly from home or on the move, the workplace has become a distributed environment that can span the world. The better your people work together, the more agile and profitable your business becomes. That's why it's critical to provide your employees with effective ways of communicating and collaborating, enabled by technology.

    However, communication does not automatically equate to collaboration. The challenge is bringing all your communications, messaging, collaboration, audio conferencing, and video conferencing together in a unified communications and collaboration solution that works in your environment.

    Data Centre
    Whether designing, building, refreshing or optimizing a facility, our highly experienced team work in partnership with our clients to ensure a scalable, flexible, energy efficient solution. Our strength lies in our approach to the data center, our use of innovative technologies and our specialized experience in data center design, build, optimization and management. The end result is an efficient and cost effective data center capable of supporting your business now and into the future.

    As newly built office and residential apartments are available in every corner, we offer systems that are custom-designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Systems such as: fire alarm, security cameras, audiovisual, access control, GPON and many more. Our solutions approach is effective and cost-efficient because each customer gets a system designed to fit their specific needs, and their budget.

  • Commercial IndustryOpen or Close

    BHP has been focusing on horizontal industry, Commercial Industry for the last 15 years and we have generated lucrative business with all its challenges. Commercial Industry (CI) focus on Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Hospitality, Plantation, Transportation, Healthcare, education and any other market segment which has not been covered by CME, FSI and ERI industry. We provide end to end solution mostly in ICT Infrastructure to support customer needs to adapt with the rapid changing of ICT transformation today. Together with Berca Consulting Service, we also provide total solution for Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Business Intelligent (BI).

    The technology solution provide the best price/performance, best of breed, Unix Server (true 64 bit Server), x86 Server, SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS ( Network attached Storage ), Backup & Archiving Solution, Virtualisation, Datacenter construction, DRC solution (Disaster Recovery Centre) Network design and implementation, Security & a very time-to-market architecture design will be hand-in-hand with the growth of customers. We also give the best services such as cabling services, Deployment services, Relocation services, Seat management and Managed service to help customer to provide the best high availability and reliability for ICT solution. Our new ICT solutions such as Cloud Solution ( build and Provide ), Bring your own devise solution ( BYOD ), Big Data Solution are the new solution to answer the ICT market needs today where’s everyone is talking about internet of things.



  • Earth Resources IndustryOpen or Close

    The solutions of ERP/SCM stays sustainable and ahead, as time the business of our petroleum & mining customers goes-by. The trend of outsourcing has been anticipated by us. We have been providing a full-blown services such as rental/leasing scheme, datacentre construction & outsourcing, warm-body outsourcing, BPO (Business Process Outsource) and relocation services. They are in well-fit complementary with the growing needs of seat-management, span of coverage thru remote sites by being networked with state-of-art, Pre-WiMAX & WiMAX-based WAN / VPN. In the long journey for over 30 years we have devoted to Earth Resources Industry with scalable & robust solutions. Namely state-owned company, joint ventures and foreign companies, most of them are our customer.

  • Government IndustryOpen or Close

    Government is The prime mover of driving national economy, the largest spending machine in $ for every aspect, any industry aspect & human needs. In ICT (Information & Communication Technology), Government has proclaimed to use ICT as the competitive-edge & comparative advantage in its inherited role to serve people. To modernize Government with real-time & online ICT is a must in borderless world, communicate to other countries seamless & effectively. ICT is the prerequisite to increase various services to people, GCG (Good Corporate Government), productivity, efficiency & effectivity. In another approach ICT is used to speed-up development, integrate islands / regions / people, increase people welfare and cost savings

  • OutsourcingOpen or Close

    Today complex challenges where competition is so tight make company choose to focus on their core business and consider outsourcing to cost reduction and free internal resources for more strategic effort.

    BHP aware of these needs and provide Information Technology Outsourcing. We provide broad range of services of information technology services in a bundled into integrated outsourcing contract.

    Integrated Portfolio of Information Technology Outsourcing :

    • Seat Management

    • Desktop Management & Technical Support Services

    • Service Desk & IT Service Management

    • Data Center & Related Services

    • Disaster Recovery Center & Related Services

Project References


  • PT XLAxiata Tbk
  • PT Indosat Tbk
  • PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk
  • PT Hutchinson 3 Indonesia
  • PT Smartfren Telecom
  • PT Ericsson Indonesia
  • PT Trans Media Corporation
  • Kompas Gramedia Group

Manufacturing/ Commercial

  • Tjiwi Kimia
  • Sharp Yasonta
  • Indah Kiat
  • Cocacola bottling Indonesia
  • Charoen Pokphand
  • Ultra Prima Abadi
  • Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper
  • Indomobil Suzuki International


  • BRI
  • BCA
  • BNI
  • Bank Danamon
  • Bank Syariah Mandiri
  • Bank Mandiri
  • Bank Permata
  • Bank Indonesia


  • Freeport
  • Newmont
  • Pama Persada Nusantara
  • Kaltim Prima Coal
  • Chevron Indonesia
  • Santos
  • Pertamina
  • Total Indonesie


  • Ditjen Pajak
  • Departemen Keuangan
  • Departemen Kelautan dan Perikanan
  • Ditjen Bea Cukai