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Enabling Manufacturing Innovation
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Technologies are the foundation that allow businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. There are at least four technologies that play an important role in digital transformation: Big Data and analytics, mobile, social, and cloud.

These four technologies have caused a change in how we act, interact, buy, do business, and so forth. One of the biggest opportunities with technology advancement is the ability to access, analyze, and act upon more data than ever before, allowing for new ways to innovate and drive value to the business.

In addition, who provides IT solutions, who applies them, and how they’re used will transform as the IT landscape continues to shift. These four technologies are important, foundational elements in a digital enterprise that can disrupt the market and successfully adapt to a new digital transformation–focused economy.

One of the most important thing from those four technology is the cloud. Cloud computing has been transforming the IT landscape across all industries. In years past, the manufacturing industry has been slower in embracing the change, but that mindset is now changing.

In fact, results from IDC’s 2018 CloudView Survey show that manufacturers believe cloud will have more impact on their businesses over the next five years than almost every other technology in the 3rd Platform. The same survey showed that only 12.4% of manufacturers consider themselves “cloud last” (i.e., organizations that look to cloud-based solutions as a last resort or not considered at all).

The main takeaway is that the influence of cloud on manufacturing is already profound and will only increase in the coming years. Indeed, traditional IT deployment models consume a decreasing amount of overall IT spend among manufacturers worldwide; however, shifting to cloud does not guarantee success. An organization’s approach to cloud adoption and its overall cloud strategy can be inhibitors for success as well.

In the same 2018 survey, manufacturers were asked to indicate what best describes the maturity of their organization’s cloud strategy for purchased and built solutions — both today and in the next 24 months — with the following options:

Ad hoc — Focused primarily on pilot projects and validation activities driven by the needs of individual decision makers and teams review helps identify areas where you can reduce costs, ensuring that you are not overspending on resources that you don’t need.

Opportunistic — Driven by the business needs of individual workgroups and departments with no effort to share resources or create scalable, repeatable implementations

Repeatable — Consistent effort made to leverage and reuse best practices and resources across multiple groups and departments

Managed — Widespread use of cloud supported by proactive business and IT leadership driving decisions about cloud use, operational policies, IT architectures, and contract negotiation and monitoring

Optimized — A broadly implemented cloud-native strategy that is proactively managed and is clearly driving business innovation while improving IT operational efficiency

The largest shift among manufacturers over the next two years will occur in the least mature approach — ad hoc — with 20.1% of respondents there today versus 4.3% of them will be in this stage over the next 24 months. In other words, nearly 96% of manufacturers will have shifted to a significant amount of cloud use to achieve their business objectives.

In that case, how manufacturing in Indonesia will respond to the cloud as part of their digital transformation? What kind of area that need to be prepared before the migration to the cloud? How are we gonna choose the suitable workload and cloud provider, making sure the cloud shifting will give a great success to the digital transformation?

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