Daya Perkasa Abadi (DPA) Getting Customer’s Satisfaction with Streamlined Order Processing

Daya Perkasa Abadi (DPA) Getting Customer’s Satisfaction with Streamlined Order Processing

Business Drivers: Real time and Integrated Data Information

PT. DAYA PERKASA ABADI (PT DPA) is a National Company established in 2006. Their Primary Objective is to provide solutions & support to the Government Owned Institution as well as Private Enterprises within the frame of the Present National Development in the Banking, nformation Technology, Retail, Hotel & all other.The challenges faced by the company are speed streamline order process and unintegrated real time information coming from many departments.


In the 2019, the company had previous system that could not give us a single view into our inventory, and PT DPA was seeking a united software solution. PT DPA chose BERCA OPUS B Cloud ERP among several qualified candidates. The reasons are has been selected to enhance the efficiency of the speed orders, while also allowing easy integration of new products in the future. PT DPA chose Consulting services Group (CS Group), a division of PT Berca Hardayaperkasa, among several qualified candidates.


PT Berca Hardayaperkasa is a company credible in management, finance, and experienced in Information Technology. To implement OPUSB Cloud ERP, VDM chose. DPA has implemented OPUSB Cloud ERP to support their business process with the following modules: Finance Accounting, Fixed Asset Management, Order Management.



Inventory, procurement, sales order, finance accounting, return authorization material, and Fixed Asset Management modules has been used. There is no more time lag of information data between departments and allowing responsible staff to enter their own orders, check availability of inventory, and access real-time data on order status.




It happened simultaneously with Cloud ERP based, which can be access using web browser that connects all warehouses and departments with no distance limitation once connected to the internet.




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