Gain Streamline, PT Widarta Bhakti Adopt HPE SimpliVity for Their Data Center Operations


Gain Streamline, PT Widarta Bhakti Adopt HPE SimpliVity for Their Data Center Operations

The Results:

The implementation of HPE SimpliVity delivered remarkable results for PT Widarta Bhakti:

  • Operational Efficiency: Production downtime was zreduced, enabling PT Widarta Bhakti to meet customer demands more efficiently and minimize costly delays.
  • Cost Savings: The reduction in data center footprint and optimized data storage resulted in significant cost savings.
  • Data Resilience: HPE SimpliVity’s data protection features ensured business continuity, even in the face of unexpected disruptions.
  • Scalability: As their manufacturing operations expanded, HPE SimpliVity seamlessly adapted to accommodate the increased workload.

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Email : Ferbruary 2021

In the fast-paced world of modern manufacturing, PT Widarta Bhakti was facing operational challenges that threatened their competitiveness. They needed a robust IT infrastructure that could support their growth and streamline their operations. Enter HPE SimpliVity, the game-changer that transformed their manufacturing landscape.

PT Widatra Bhakti is a leading and largest basic solution parenteral preparations manufacturing company in Indonesia, supported by reliable and trusted resources to carry out its strategic role in the Indonesian Health National System and be respected in the Asian Region

The Challenge

PT Widarta Bhakti’s traditional IT infrastructure was struggling to keep up with the demands of its expanding manufacturing operations. Data centers were siloed, resulting in inefficient resource allocation and complex management. The downtime was eating intoproduction time, leading to missed deadlines and increased costs.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, PT Widarta Bhakti conducted an in-depth assessment of their IT environment. They evaluated their current infrastructure, identified bottlenecks, and outlined their requirements for improved efficiency and scalability.

The Solution

HPE SimpliVity emerged as the ideal solution for PT Widarta Bhakti’s manufacturing challenges. Here’s how it transformed their operations:

1. Hyperconverged Infrastructure:
HPE SimpliVity’s hyper-converged infrastructure combined computing, storage, and networking into a single, efficient platform, reducing data center sprawl and improving resource utilization.

2. Data Deduplication:
Advanced data deduplication technology significantly reduced storage requirements, leading to cost savings and simplified data management.

3. Data Protection:
HPE SimpliVity’s integrated backup and disaster recovery capabilities ensured data resilience and minimized the risk of production downtime.

4. Scalability:
As PT Widarta Bhakti expanded its manufacturing operations, HPE SimpliVity effortlessly scaled to accommodate its growing data needs without disruption.


HPE SimpliVity revolutionized PT Widarta Bhakti’s manufacturing efficiency, enabling them to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.


With streamlined operations, cost savings, and robust data protection, they are now well-equipped to navigate the challenges of modern manufacturing.


Unlock the potential for manufacturing excellence with HPE SimpliVity.