JDEdwards Orchestrator Enable Vinilon Company Going to Digital Transformation

posted on February 2, 2022


JDEdwards Orchestrator Enable Vinilon Company Going to Digital Transformation

Business Drivers: Integration and Simplify JDE process cycle.

PT Rusli Vinilon Sakti is a National Company established in 1979 with an objective to become the best producer and distributor for high quality piping system in Indonesia. In its strive to have a significant growth in modernized manufacturing factory, Vinilon has continued to extend their ERP functionality that help company do digital transformation. Vinilon has chosen JDEdwards Orchestartor as practical tools to collaborate with other applications in digital platform.

The challenges faced by the company, which has some applications need to integrate with JDEdwards ERP on real time basis, and besides that, Vinilon wants to simplify some processes that has many steps to be entered in the system.

What we need to face the challenges is a simple tools on top of JDEdwards technology, which could collaborate with other application in digital platform on real time basis and can help out IT team to adopt all future digital requirements ,” says Caroline Tranggono, CFO PT Rusli Vinilon Sakti.

Business Drivers

  • Integrated with other application on real time
  • Simple integration tools on top of JDEdwards technology

Selectively, Vinilon has chosen JDEdwards Orchestrator and started to implement it on June 21 2021 together with PT Berca Hardayaperkasa Consulting Services Group (CS group) as certified JDEdwards implemention partner in Indonesia. Vinilon has got benefit to simplify some processes such like work order entry, approval notifications, Microsoft excel integration and replicate information among JDEdwards environments.

Moreover, CS Group provides experienced and high- commitment experts. Their experts even have international experiences in JDEdwards implementation and development field.

Results: Simplified and Integrated real time information

• Having simple tools to build JDE REST API capability to integrate with other system
• Simplify WO process cycle from many steps into 1 step
• Integrated with Microsoft excel

What makes us happy are: The fact is JDEdwards orchestrator makes our IT team easier to develop integration and to simplifly JDEdwards process steps.
said IT Manager of PT Rusli Vinilon Sakti.

PT Rusli Vinilon Sakti

  • One of the biggest Pipe Manufacturing Company in Indonesia.
  • Established in 1979
  • Headquarters in Jakarta and 1 Manufacturing plant in Bogor
  • Providing the highest quality piping and flow solutions

“Digital transformation in digital world are the main goals for us, to achieve it we need practical tools like JDEdwards Orchestrator to expand our JDEdwards Enterprise One collaborate with other digital platform”
Sandy Susanto, CEO PT Rusli Vinilon Sakti.

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