Lion Parcel The Ability to Control Spending and Costs Infrastructure


Lion Parcel The Ability to Control Spending and Costs Infrastructure

About Customer

Lion Parcel was founded on February 14, 2013. Engaged in courier services serving domestic and international shipments, supported by the network and infrastructure of Lion Group as one of the largest airlines. Currently, lion parcel has 7000 partners spared throughout Indonesia to help people connect without time and distance limits.

Move Operations on the cloud

Lion Parcel chose to host its infrastructure on AWS because the platform not only provide the foundation, but AWS provide a lot of advance services that can support the improvement growth of our business. Start its business with low initial costs and automatically scale as the business grows. With AWS EC2 platform Lion Parcel get benefit from High Availability, cost control and performance increasing, Using AWS Auto Scaling, Lion parcel can easily to setup application scaling for multiple resources across multiple services.

Business Challenge

AWS Auto Scaling makes scaling simple with recommendations that allow us to optimize performance, costs, or balance between them. Registering Auto Scaling group with Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) load balancer will set up a load-balanced application.


Elastic Load Balancing works with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling to distribute incoming traffic across EC2 Web Server instances. With this services Lion Parcel can improve application speed and services,it makes the system process faster than before, so customers become satisfied.

The ability to control spending and costs infrastructure

Lion Parcel also values the detailed breakdown of infrastructure spending and cost projection when company wants to provide better service, Lion Parcel need to provide new features and services to customers. The ability to control costs with AWS, Lion Parcel can calculate cost projection better. Lion Parcel can minimize server costs and increase the services and support.

Delivering IT Managed Services is a Complex Business

BHp proposed a fully “Managed IT Services and Public Cloud Services” solution which offers a multi-layered approach to service, delivering a 24/7 Helpdesk facility for a single point of contact for any support request, a Technical Back-office team actively monitoring and remediating any alerts that may arise, and a Professional Services team for all onsite needs.

All requests or alerts are managed end-to-end, including third-party management through to resolution and within defined service levels. This ownership of incidents allows ISS Indonesia to concentrate on developing their own business rather than having to worry about maintaining IT systems.

SLA is important

In Logistic partnership and relationships with customers, vendors SLA is important for Lion parcels, with AWS uptime SLA 99.99% Lion Parcel can provide better SLA to customers and partners. Lion parcel can maintain a high SLA while having the flexibility to experiment and add new services.”

The diagram below illustrates the AWS infrastructure at Lion Parcel:

Berca Hardayaperkasa Solutions:

  • Production workload migration for Lion Parcel logistic core system with around 350k to 500k request count traffic per hour coming through AWS Application Load Balancer
  •  Autoscaling web-server and API Server
  •  SQL Database with Read Replica
  •  Included managed operation to perform rolling-update to support continuous software improvement

Benefit of AWS :

  • Provides Visibility on costs when new features are added
  • Support monthly growth with high scalability
  • Can quickly provision and easily test new features
  • Simplifies task delegation for dispersed teams.

Why The Customer Choose Partner

Berca Hardayaperkasa has more than 40 years experience in serving valuable customers, from small businesses to enterprise and global customers in various industries throughout Indonesia.


PT Berca Hardayaperkasa provides secure data centers from on premise to cloud, from core data centers to end users computing in various environments; from system software to application software; from monolithic application types to micro services in various types of APIs; from capex to opex by using cloud to manage business operations models

About Partner

Berca Hardayaperkasa (“BHp”) is a leading information communication technology, test measurent and consulting company in Indonesia.


We help our valued customers to drive their business growth in the era of digital transformation and industry 4.0 by delivering digital solutions and services which is powered by extensive ecosystems and exploit the power of hyper-converged infrastructure, omni-cloud, IoT/edge computing thru LoRA/4G and 5G networks, measurement and monitoring, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, enterprise data management and analytics, enteprise resource planning, business applications and other emerging technologies.

With more than four decades of experiences serving valued customers from small business to enterprise and global customers across vertical industries; secured edge to cloud to core data centers across end user computing environments; from systems software to programming software to application software; from monolithic to micro services type of applications across different kind of APIs; from capex to opex to cloud to manage operations business models.

BHp is one of more than 60 operating companies under Central Cipta Murdaya (“CCM”) Group Corporate Management. With six pillars of Line of Business, which are Information Communication Technology, Property, Engineering – Construction – Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Heavy Equipments and Fashion Retail & Manufacturing, CCM operates in different countries like Indonesia, Singapore and USA, and head quarter in Jakarta, and having more than 30,000 employees.

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