Unlocking Innovation: Wismilak’s SAP Migration and Cloud Journey with AWS and Berca Solution


Unlocking Innovation: Wismilak’s SAP Migration and Cloud Journey with AWS and Berca Solution

Unlocking the
Benefits of AWS

  • rovides Visibility on costs when new features are added Support monthly growth with high scalability
  • Can quickly provision and easily test new features Simplifies task delegation for dispersed teams.
  • With AWS, you take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure
  • AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.

Head Office

Gedung BERCA Jl. Abdul Muis No. 62 Jakarta 10160 Indonesia
Tel : (62-21) 3800902, (62-21) 3455880
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Email : crc@berca.co.id www.berca.co.id Ferbruary 2021

About Customer

PT Wismilak Inti Makmur Tbk, popularly known as Wismilak, stands as an Indonesian conglomerate comprising PT Gelora Djaja, a cigarette manufacturer, and PT Gawih Jaya, a cigarette distributor. Ranked as the fourth-largest tobacco manufacturer in Indonesia, Wismilak boasts a legacy of innovation and industry prominence.

Transitioning to Cloud-
Based Operations

Wismilak’s strategic shift towards cloud-based operations signals a bold move towards enhanced efficiency and innovation. By embracing AWS’s cloud services, Wismilak liberates itself from the constraints of traditional on-premises setups, embracing newfound flexibility and scalability.

This transition empowers Wismilak to streamline operations, cut overheads, and respond nimbly to evolving business needs. With AWS as their trusted ally, Wismilak can now focus on core business functions while leveraging the cloud for seamless growth and adaptation.

Addressing Business Challenges

The decision to migrate to AWS arises from the cumbersome task of managing physical hardware, which had become a significant operational burden for Wismilak.

Rising costs and limited scalability underscored the urgent need for a more agile solution. AWS emerged as the ideal candidate, offering freedom from hardware constraints and a platform adaptable to Wismilak’s evolving requirements. This strategic shift sets the stage for enhanced operational efficiency and dynamic scalability, ensuring Wismilak stays competitive in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Embracing Cloud Solutions for Seamless Operations

Wismilak embarked on a strategic overhaul by migrating their SAP workload to Amazon Web Services (AWS), facilitated by core AWS components like Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. Amazon EC2 provided Wismilak with versatile virtual servers, allowing them to optimize SAP deployment and customize instances according to specific computing needs.

Complementing EC2, Amazon S3 ensured data durability, availability, and security, simplifying data backup processes while fortifying data integrity. Through this collaboration, Wismilak achieved operational efficiency, facilitated business expansion, and bolstered data protection with AWS as their trusted partner.

Empowering Success with AWS and Berca Solution

The success of Wismilak’s cloud journey extends beyond technical capabilities, driven by a dynamic partnership between AWS and Berca Solution. Berca Solution introduces a multi-layered service paradigm that proves transformative for Wismilak.

This paradigm encompasses a 24/7 Helpdesk, ensuring immediate support around the clock. The vigilant Technical Back-office team diligently monitors systems, swiftly identifies alerts, and takes prompt remedial actions. Furthermore, a dedicated Professional Services team stands poised to exceed onsite requirements, ensuring that Wismilak’s IT needs are not just met but surpassed.

In this holistic approach, each request or alert is managed comprehensively, from reporting to resolution, delivering swift and efficient solutions while adhering to predefined service levels. This end-to-end incident ownership allows Wismilak to redirect their focus towards core business activities, confident that their IT systems operate seamlessly. Moreover, in the domain of logistics and customer relationships, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) stand as critical benchmarks.

Wismilak, recognizing the significance of SLAs in their industry, capitalizes on AWS’s impressive uptime SLA of 99.99%, enabling them to offer superior SLAs to customers and partners. This symbiotic arrangement ensures both high SLAs and the flexibility to innovate, experiment, and seamlessly expand their services, positioning Wismilak for ongoing excellence and growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape.