Vektordaya Mekatrika (VDM) Achieves Accurate Real Time Information with Effective Cost IT Investment

Vektordaya Mekatrika (VDM) Achieves Accurate Real Time Information with Effective Cost IT Investment


Vektordaya Mekatrika (VDM) achieves accurate real-time information with effective cost  IT investment.

Business Drivers:  Accurate real time information across department.



PT. VEKTORDAYA MEKATRIKA is a National Company established in 1995 with an objective support to the government & owned institution as well as private enterprises for the Power Infrastructure Solutions, within the frame of the present National Development especially in Banking, IT, Industries, Telecommunication and Hotel business line.


In its strive to have a significant growth in power infrastructure solution company, it is paramount that VDM will need to have a cost effective operation as well as to improve complex overall operational efficiency and accurate real time information.


The challenges faced by the company, which has large domestic market, are integrated real time information coming from many branches and departments across Indonesia region. The challenges could not be anticipated by small applications used by the company with local area network connections coverage.



BERCA OPUSB Cloud ERP. The reasons are the availability of best practice suitable for Distribution industry, measurable IT cost investment, clear vision of future developments, the ease and flexible of the implementation and maintenance supports. To implement OPUSB Cloud ERP, VDM chose Consulting Services Group (CS Group), a division of PT Berca Hardayaperkasa, among several qualified candidates.


Besides as ‘OPUSB’ official partner,PT Berca Hardayaperkasa is a company credible in management, financial, and experienced in Information Technology. VDM has implemented OPUSB Cloud ERP to support their business process with the following modules: Finance Accounting, Order Management, Procurement Management and Inventory, Management Moreover, CS Group provides experienced and high-commitment experts. Their experts even have international experiences in quality assurance field.


Results: Integrated real time information

Inventory, procurement, sales order, and finance accounting modules have been used. There is no more inaccuracy data and time lag of business communication between departments.



It happened simultaneously with Cloud ERP based, which can be access using web browser that connects all warehouses and branches with no distance limitation once connected to the internet.




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