Veritas Data Service

Enterprise Data Service

Proven, modern, and integrated
technology that brings together
availability, protection,
and insights.


Ensure predictable availability, application resiliency and storage efficiency across multi-cloud, virtual and physical environments.


Protect your enterprise from the unforeseen and ensure your data is always secure, compliant and available—no matter where it lives.


Gain visibility into your data, storage and backup infrastructure, so you can take control of data associated risks and your IT infrastructure.

We solve your most important data
protection problems.

Data growth


175 zettabytes by 2025. It would take 2.5 TRILLION 64 gigabyte smartphones to hold 175 zettabytes of data.

Threats: ransomware


Of all companies that paid ransoms, only 50% could recover using tools/ codes provided by attackers.

Cloud integration


Backing up data in the cloud is your responsibility. Not the cloud provider’s. 70% feel cloud backups are the cloud provider’s job.

Data regulation


Without visibility, compliance and analytics are frustrated; storage costs are higher. 52% of enterprise data remains ‘dark’.

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