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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Resource Planning Overview Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a concept for planning and managing company resources, in the form of integrated program packages and multi-module programs designed to serve and support various functions within the company so that work becomes more efficient and can provide more services for consumers, which finally [...]
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Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management Human Capital Management Overview Human Capital Management focuses on adding and creating value for human development. This encourages human capital to prioritize the importance of data retrieval, analysis, and presentation of data to get clear directions for taking an action. Objective Employee Recruitment Process Provide Job Desc in Organizational Structure Measuring Employee [...]
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Database Solution

Database Solution  Database Solution Overview For many companies, having good data planning is not only an advantage but also a necessity. The company has several choices, whether to transform by adopting advanced technology or sticking with conventional technology. The presence of a database solution to help companies store, manage and analyze large amounts of data. [...]
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