Why Endpoints Security Matters in Protecting Remote Workers – Part 1

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As customers secure their remote workers, they tell us they are getting better visibility, better efficacy and getting time back!


endpoints security - BercaEnabling your workforce to work securely on any endpoint, anywhere, at any time is more important now than ever before. And as such, Cisco has recently offered a new Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution that unifies user and endpoint protection at scale, making it easy to verify, enable secure access and defend remote workers at anytime from anywhere. Cisco AMP for Endpoints is a key component of and plays a critical role in this new solution.


To best describe this critical role, we recently conducted an endpoint survey to get our customer’s thoughts on the value that AMP for Endpoints security brings to their business, and therefore to the Secure Remote Worker solution. This first blog of a 4 blog series summarizes the top 3 business values our customers highlighted. Later, in the next 3 blogs we will provide an in-depth look at each one of these values and demonstrate why they are so effective.


Now let’s look at these top 3 business values from the endpoint survey; each described in challenges, why it’s important to customers, the customer comments and how AMP for Endpoints security helps.


Business Value #1: Better visibility into endpoints security


endpoints securityCustomer challenge:  My endpoints security are under constant attack through phishing attemptsadvanced persistent threats (APTs) and exploits. I want to arm my team with actionable insights.


Why it’s important: If you can’t see what’s in your endpoints, you really don’t know what malware exists or what malware type is there. If not, your team will spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to eradicate threats and be subject to lateral movement.


How Cisco helps: AMP for Endpoints, as part of the Cisco SecureX platform, provides seamless integration with other security technologies, backed by Talos threat intelligence, to help you block, detect, investigate, and respond to threats across your entire environment – not just at your endpoints.



Business Value #2: Better efficacy


endpoints security - bercaCustomer challenge:  I want tools refined enough and accurate enough so I can understand what malware may be on my endpoints so my team can take the appropriate action.


Why it’s important: I don’t want my team wasting time on false positives and I want to see accurate clear threat intelligence so my team can determine what the priority level is and what steps to take and feel confident about it. And clearly the process needs to be in sync with best practices such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework.


 How Cisco helps: Block known threats automatically using machine learning, exploit prevention, file reputation, antivirus, and a wide array of other attack prevention techniques that will stop both fileless and file-based attacks in their tracks – as proof of this Cisco AMP for Endpoints earned high marks in malware protection tests, while achieving the lowest false positives in the first AV Comparatives Business Main Test Series for 2020. You can count on AMP for Endpoint delivering consistent security efficacy, enabling you to get superior protection from advanced threats.



Business Value #3: Get time back


Customer challenge: I want my team to spend less time on each incident in their everyday workflows so they can do more with less effort.


Why it’s important: With better tools that are complementary to my security infrastructure and that actively leverage automation, enables my team to maximize our security investments, and respond faster to threats on my endpoints instead of spending time on manual, error prone tasks.


How Cisco helps: AMP for Endpoints, and the underlying platform, enable you to increase the efficiency and precision of your existing resources via automation. You can multiply your threat hunting capabilities by connecting your security infrastructure to get more value from your existing investments. This provides you with the best ability to orchestrate and automate your threat response capability in a timelier manner, and thus gives you time back to focus on more strategic efforts.



For the next entry in this series


In the next blog entry of this series we will provide a deep dive into the first of the 3 business values described above and demonstrate how our customers are getting the results they need.


In the meantime, please visit the TechValidate Survey to see examples of what our customer’s challenges were, and in their own words, express how they were able to achieve their business goals with Cisco AMP for Endpoints as part of the Cisco SecureX platform.