APTARE 10.5 Expands Compliance, Multi-Language & PubSec Cloud DR Capabilities

Source: vox.veritas.com


APTARE™ IT Analytics is the industry’s only vendor-independent IT analytics platform. Its single-pane-of-glass view provides deep analytics and interconnected insights across the critical components of your IT world, whether on-prem or in the cloud. Simply enable products within the unified platform—as you need them.


What’s new in APTARE 10.5?


  • Market-leading visibility for all data with SDK & Connector expansion—SDK framework, NetBackup™ ease of collection, Cohesity, and IBM CIMOM interface.
  • New multi-language support capabilities—Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French.
  • Operational simplicity—Simplify, scale with growth, and enable seamless deployment and integration, including filtering logic and HA VCS configuration with seamless upgrade and patching.
  • Expanded compliance & governance capabilities—Improve accountability, provide insights, and deliver ransomware immutably, including Oracle 19c, updated security certifications, Black Duck, pen testing and STIG, CyberArk, and Oracle password.


New Offerings


In addition to the new APTARE 10.5 release, Veritas is announcing three simple, predictable and comprehensive APTARE offerings:


  • Protection Suite—No conversion factor is needed because the list price is based on FETB or used meter.
  • Storage Management Suite—Because this offering is based on raw TB, we need to convert the cloud-used TB into raw TB. The exact conversion ratio is to be decided, starting with 0.67 as the used-to-raw TB ratio from other calculations.
  • Complete Suite—Because this offering is based on raw TB at a higher price, the current suggestion is not to have a conversion factor on the cloud-used TBs.



Learn more at Veritas.com/aptare and check out these papers: