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Berca Live Webinar: Transforming Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments


By: Fortinet
On: Wednesday, June 23rd 2021


Summary Minutes
Securing cloud infrastructure using fortinet secuirty fabric 00.13.24
Agiled IT Delivered, The Vision of Hybrid IT Ops 01.30.08
The Foundation of Cloud Foundation 01.48.06
Q&A 02.23.49

Berca Live Webinar: IT Transformation for New Normal Era


By: Berca
On: Tuesday, June 8th 2021

Summary Minutes
Cloud ERP as A SaaS Solution 00.06.29
OpusB Berca Modern Cloud ERP 00.29.48
How The Thing Speak and Change The Industry 00.43.32
Berca Solution 01.32.04
QnA Session 01.58.58

Berca Live Webinar: Nutanix Build an Cloud Native Application


By: Nutanix
On: Thursday, May 6th 2021

Summary Minutes
Build an Cloud Native Application 00.03.47
Kubernetes Architecture 00.45.34
Microservices for Education Sector 01.01.15
QnA Session 01.10.07

Berca Live Webinar: Create Value and Transform your business With Cloud Migration


On: Tuesday, May 25th 2021

Summary Minutes
Cloud Migration with AWS 00.10.47
AWS Migration Tools 00.29.48
AWS DMS – Architechture 00.49.50
AWS Cost Optimization 00.59.28
QnA Session 01.29.22

Berca Live Webinar: Unified Backup and Recovery Solution to Protect Data


By: Veritas
On: Friday, April 30th 2021

Summary Minutes
Modern Data Protection 00.10.57
Unified Backup and Recovery Solution to Protect Data 00.38.12
Veritas Security and Compliance Story 01.00.27
QnA Session 01.47.16

Berca Live Webinar: Transform Your business with HPE Greenlake: The Cloud That Comes to You


On: Tuesday, April 20th 2021

Summary Minutes
HPE GreenLake Services: The Cloud That Comes to You 00.05.10
HPE Ezmeral Software Portfolio 00.46.25
HPE Ezmeral Software Use Cases and Customer Stories 01.18.18
QnA Session 01.35.43