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Solutions for Every Size, Today & Tomorrow

By: OpusB and VMware

on December 8th, 2020


Summary Minutes
Hybrid IT Vision 00.05.33
Go Simply Jobs with Modern ERP 00.53.17
Q&A 01.44.34

Berca Live Webinar: Speed Cloud Native App Development Environment Across the Clouds

By:  VMware

on December 8th, 2020


Summary Minutes
The rising of modern application (containerized apps) 00.01.45
VMware solution for business to take a leap to the modern application 00.48.09
Quiz 01.46.31


Fortinet Protecting IT and OT Resources Against Advanced Threats

By: Fortinet

on December 1st, 2020


Summary Minutes
Protecting IT and OT, Why Fortinet? 00.05.16
Enhance Operational Technology Secuirty with Fortinet Security Fabric 00.39.11
Q&A 01.16.57


The Most Complete Solutions to Efficiently Backup & Migrate Cloud for Insurance Industry

By: AWS & Veeam

on November 24th, 2020

Summary Minutes
Migration to AWS Cloud 00.05.27
Transformation and Innovation in Insurance 01.04.27
Start Your Cloud Journey Today! 01.18.18
New AWS-Native Backup Recovery 01.48.21

Berca Live Webinar-Go Digital Transformation with JD Edwards Orchestator

By Berca Hardayaperkasa
on November 19th, 2020


Summary Minutes
Go Digital Transformation with JDE Edwards Orchestator 00.09.42
JD Edwards Demo 00.47.51
Q&A Session 01.18.29

New IT iInvestment in New Normal Era

By Berca Hardayaperkasa
on November 3rd, 2020



Summary Minutes
Managed Services and Flex Solution 00.05.06
Remote Absence Solution 00.28.45
Remote Absence Demo 00.57.54