AWS Partner with Berca Hardayaperkasa Providing Hybrid Cloud Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Indonesia

Amazon Web Services


The trend of cloud adoption in Indonesia has good prospects. Moreover, the current development of startups in Indonesia tends to be more literate concerning the latest technologies and build new applications in the form of microservices on top of cloud infrastructure.


This was conveyed by Bintoro Yuwono, President Director of Berca Hardayaperkasa, a company that provides information technology consulting services in a virtual discussion about the benefits of the cloud, Thursday (18/8). “Startups tend to be more literate to the latest technology and build new applications in the form of microservices on top of the cloud infrastructure. Or at least easy to migrate to the cloud,” said Bintoro.


He revealed that almost all startups, including in the financial technology space, have used the cloud as they need to move quickly. Meanwhile, enterprise customers tend to choose the hybrid cloud model. With a hybrid cloud, application workloads are moved to the cloud, but most of the data is still stored in the on-premises environment. In general, Bintoro sees that many corporations in Indonesia have seen the cloud as an attractive alternative technology solution.


On the other hand, one area that still needs more attention and education is security. “Cloud is secure. Security itself is one of the priorities of cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). By migrating to the cloud, companies no longer need to worry about the security of their own infrastructure,” he explained.


Bintoro emphasized that the company he leads is currently committed to encouraging the acceleration of digital transformation in the country through the solutions it presents. “In order to provide reliable solutions for our customers’ businesses, we build on cloud technology developed by AWS,” he said. The company has been part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) community since 2018, namely as a Consulting Partner as well as a Public Sector Partner. By becoming an APN, the company can leverage AWS to build solutions and services for its customers. On the other hand, AWS provides valuable business, technical and marketing support to its APN partners.


Bintoro said that unlike on-premises infrastructure, the cloud offers cost efficiency with a usage-based payment model. Meanwhile, on on-premises infrastructure, infrastructure whose capacity is not used 100 percent will cause losses for the company.


The cloud also enables companies to innovate faster. First, because the process of adding capacity, both for computing and other workloads, takes much less time than on-premises. Second, there are many solutions that can be developed based on cloud technology. AWS itself provides more than 100 services, including compute, storage, database, analytics, to artificial intelligence and machine learning. These solutions enable companies to continue to adapt and carry out their business strategies in the industry 4.0 era, which demands massive adoption of digital technology. One of the emerging demands include being able to present a digital workspace that can ensure smooth and secure remote working, including from home.