Transforming Business Operations: PT Rusli Vinilon Sakti’s JDE Journey with AWS Cloud Solutions


Established in 1979, PT. Rusli Vinilon Sakti has been a pioneer in manufacturing top-notch pipes and accessories, catering to diverse applications ranging from water to telecommunications. Their commitment to excellence is rooted in their vision to become the leading plastic pipe manufacturer, driven by their mission to produce high-value products efficiently. 


Transitioning to Cloud-Based Operations

Rusli Vinilon’s transition to cloud-based operations marks a strategic leap towards enhanced efficiency and innovation. By embracing the cloud, they are stepping away from traditional on-premises constraints and venturing into a realm of flexibility and scalability. This transition empowers Vinilon to optimize their operations, reduce overheads, and meet evolving business demands with agility. The cloud becomes their platform for seamless growth and dynamic adaptation, allowing Vinilon to focus on what truly matters – their core business – while AWS handles the rest.


Business Challenges

Rusli Vinilon faced a series of pressing business challenges that ultimately led them to make the strategic decision of migrating their JDE Oracle from on-premises infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The primary challenge lay in the cumbersome task of managing physical hardware. Maintaining and upgrading their on-premises infrastructure had become a significant operational burden, with escalating costs that threatened to impede their competitiveness. The need for a more agile and scalable solution became increasingly apparent, as they realized that their existing setup would not support the evolving demands of their business. In response to these challenges, Rusli Vinilon sought a solution that could provide the flexibility to scale rapidly while eliminating the complexities associated with hardware management. AWS emerged as the ideal choice, offering not only freedom from hardware-related constraints but also a platform that could adapt seamlessly to their growing needs, setting the stage for enhanced operational efficiency and dynamic scalability.


Embracing Cloud Solutions for Seamless Operations

Rusli Vinilon Sakti undertook a strategic transformation by migrating their JDE Oracle system to Amazon Web Services (AWS), a pivotal shift that marked a profound turning point in their quest for operational excellence and innovation. This significant move was facilitated by AWS’s core components, Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.


At the heart of this migration lies Amazon EC2, renowned for its resizable and versatile virtual servers, or “instances.” EC2 empowered Rusli Vinilon Sakti to optimize the deployment of their JDE server, providing the flexibility to customize instances in alignment with their precise computing requirements. This adaptability liberated their JDE server from the constraints of physical hardware, fostering efficient functionality. Additionally, EC2’s configurability of instance types, CPU, memory, and storage substantially enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness.


Complementing EC2’s role, Amazon S3 emerged as the guardian of critical data. This robust and secure data storage solution guaranteed the durability and availability of essential information, simplifying data backup processes while ensuring data security and accessibility. Its scalability and seamless integration with other AWS services further underscored its pivotal role in preserving business continuity and data integrity. Through the dynamic synergy of EC2 and S3, Rusli Vinilon Sakti embarked on their cloud migration journey, empowering them to achieve operational efficiency, facilitate business expansion, and fortify data protection, all with AWS as their steadfast partner.


This transformation wasn’t merely a technical shift but a strategic decision borne from Vinilon’s commitment to excel in the rapidly evolving world of infrastructure solutions. Faced with mounting operational costs, hardware maintenance challenges, and the imperative for scalability, Vinilon recognized the need for a reliable, cost-effective, and future-proof solution. Their migration to AWS, a harbinger of growth and innovation, promised not only substantial cost savings but also scalability, heightened security, and the flexibility to experiment and introduce new services. This strategic move poised Vinilon for continued success and leadership within the industry, exemplifying their unwavering dedication to excellence and adaptability in the ever-changing infrastructure landscape.


How AWS and Berca Solution Empower Vinilon: A Holistic Approach to Success

The synergy driving Vinilon’s success extends well beyond the technical might of AWS. It’s a dynamic partnership that blends AWS’s capabilities with the comprehensive solutions provided by Berca Solution, enriching Vinilon’s operational landscape. This partnership ushers in a wealth of additional value, predominantly through the integration of fully managed IT services and public cloud solutions.


Berca Solution introduces a multi-layered service paradigm that proves transformative for Vinilon. This paradigm encompasses a 24/7 Helpdesk, ensuring immediate support around the clock. The vigilant Technical Back-office team diligently monitors systems, swiftly identifies alerts, and takes prompt remedial actions. Furthermore, a dedicated Professional Services team stands poised to exceed onsite requirements, ensuring that Vinilon’s IT needs are not just met but surpassed.


In this holistic approach, each request or alert is managed comprehensively, from reporting to resolution, delivering swift and efficient solutions while adhering to predefined service levels. This end-to-end incident ownership allows Vinilon to redirect their focus towards core business activities, confident that their IT systems operate seamlessly. Moreover, in the domain of logistics and customer relationships, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) stand as critical benchmarks. Vinilon, recognizing the significance of SLAs in their industry, capitalizes on AWS’s impressive uptime SLA of 99.99%, enabling them to offer superior SLAs to customers and partners. This symbiotic arrangement ensures both high SLAs and the flexibility to innovate, experiment, and seamlessly expand their services, positioning Vinilon for ongoing excellence and growth in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


Unlocking the Benefits of AWS

  • Provides Visibility on costs when new features are added
  • Support monthly growth with high scalability
  • Can quickly provision and easily test new features
  • Simplifies task delegation for dispersed teams.
  • With AWS, you take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure
  • AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures.


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